Laparkan is a company that is rooted in Community. We have an ongoing and active program of giving back to the community. On an ongoing basis, we support a variety of Community events, cultural, educational, religious and sporting activities and donate shipping services to many organizations in the Diaspora that are involved in charitable work for disadvantaged people ‘back home’.

Within the Caribbean Basin and its Diaspora we give support to the priorities identified by the communities themselves. These include the preservation and promotion of Caribbean culture, the celebration of national and religious observances, empowerment of the underprivileged especially children and the development of human capital through education and training.

When natural disasters impact the Caribbean Basin Laparkan moves to the forefront, helping to get emergency food and supplies to help rebuild affected communities ravaged by Hurricanes and flooding. Following the January 2010 devastating earthquake in Haiti, we immediately made available at no cost to Non-Government (NGO’s) and International Relief Agencies 50,000 square feet of space in our new warehouse in Miami which served as a storage and staging area for the dispatch of emergency relief supplies. We were honored by the Americas Relief Team (ART) for our contribution to the Haitirelief effort at a special recognition awards ceremony presided over by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Now we have partnered  with ART to set up a permanent Emergency Relief Center within our new warehouse in Miami.

Over the years we have responded tangibly to natural disasters in Grenada, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica and Guyana, as well as in the state of Florida. Our commitment to playing a pivotal role in disaster relief efforts remains strong.

During our 27 years in operation we have tangibly demonstrated values and principles in our daily operations that serve as indisputable testimony to our commitment to the diverse communities we serve. Our record as a good corporate citizen is evidenced not only by the awards and other recognition we have received over the years but by the lasting partnerships we have built with numerous organizations and other stakeholders to help improve the quality of life and build and strengthen communities across the Caribbean Basin and its Diaspora.

These partnerships have forged mutually beneficial results for us and for grassroots organizations, educational institutions, religious bodies, the media and government agencies in North America and in the Caribbean Basin.

As a leader in the freight business in the Americas, Laparkan’s operational decisions are made with careful consideration about their economic, social and environmental impacts.